​     What you are required to do:

     There is no better feeling than to deliver a cute furry bundle of joy to our families.  We want to
     keep you and your puppy happy by asking you to take a few precautionary measures to ensure
     your puppy is healthy and will live a long and happy life.  Here is what you should do:

        * Take your puppy to the vet within 3 days.  After the exam please be sure to send
           us a copy of the exam results or medical record . Not taking your puppy 
           to the vet within 3 days will void the Guarantee.  The exam must be done by a licensed vet.
           The puppy will come with up to date shots , please make sure you do not give an additional 
            vaccines to your puppy within the first 10 (ten) days.  
            Please retain health record given by breeder and provide to Vet.

        *  You will need to save records of the daily healthcare and maintenance of your puppy dog,
            which would include insurance and exam records.

        *    Hospital stays are $ 600  per day before special procedures and medications.
            When you get started immediately with insurance you lock in the puppy rate for life at 
            most agencies.  

        *  Your pup will arrive with appropriate shots and deworming. It is the new owners responsibility
            to continue proper deworming and to take your puppy for exams  as recommended by the vet.

   ***requests to return dog to seller for a refund must be made within the 3 day time period and only
       be requested should the dog prove to have life threatening disease . 

       Against life altering congenital disease, this includes severe Hip Dysplasia 
       which hampers a dogs movement, natural gait and requires surgery. 
      Warranty will terminate should the dog be allowed to become overweight or developing joints be 
      over stressed at any point during the warranty period. If any hip problems are noted. 
      Have your vet submit your dogs X-ray to the Orthopedic Foundation for animals. (OFA). 
      We will need a copy of their rating and evaluation. We reserve the right to confirm the results before a 
      replacement puppy is provided.   Providing  bone broth in the first year is highly recommended.
      This will ensure your pup has enough raw materials on board to build out all those legs and bone :) 

      If the dog dies within the warranty period , the Buyer will pay to have it autopsied to ascertain reason.
      If reason is congenital Seller will replace the pup.
      It is agreed that a replacement puppy shall be the method of delivery /fulfillment and  will be agreed upon
      by both parties and will be of same value as pup replaced. 
      If puppy comes under new or  temp ownership this warranty/health agreement is void.
      If litigation is deemed necessary all parties agree it shall take place/ heard in Lewis County, WA

       FIRST RIGHTS   The buyer agrees to give first rights to pup ,back to SuwediRidgebacks.
        If SuwediRidgebacks can help with transportation there is no fee .300 mile max.
        We do not have a buy back program.  Pups that are surrendered will be placed as adoptions.
        If a SuwediRidgeback dog is surrendered to another agency.  Rescue agency could charge fees
         to SuwediRidgebacks to recover pup. Please remember this is our baby too.  Mama is here. 

      The buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine health care including 
      and not limited to vaccinations, parasite prevention,,,nutrition and medication.
      Veterinary records will be provided to breeder before any replacement pup. .
      If  preventative care has not been provided,  warranty is voided.
        Titer before vaccinating.  Over-vaccination is causing auto-immune responses 

       We have reports that ( heart worm preventative)  
        can cross the blood brain barrier.  In small pups there are often disastrous side effects
       such as encephalitis when given to pups less than 60 or so pounds.
       Leptospirosis has made it into the blog for Ridgebacks  REACTIONS most recently.


     Nutrition is directly related to health.  
      preservatives and indigestible ingredients are affecting our pets health
     Your pups growth over the first year is EXPONENTIAL  Growing 90+ % of their brain and bone.

            Life's Abundance  AND Nu-Vet  brand vitamin. 

       Nu-Vet vitamins are given daily to our puppies. We use the powder.
      I  consider this supplement .... a cheap health insurance. The product is Liver based & PADDLE DRIED
      Simply the best available supplement that supports the immune system.  

     Bone broth is mandatory for the first year. Providing this nutrient will guarantee  your pup has sufficient 
     cartilaginous materials to build all those joints and bone proficiently. Make your own!! ask me how ...

     If your pet is following our nutritional recommendations of food and vitamins, titer before vaccines.
     We would like to lead you to believe that your pup will have the highest life expectancy in years.  
     Nutrition is directly related to health.  As long as we get that right ,  Life IS Good.


    Shipping  is the Buyers Expense. 
    Once puppy is transferred to the custody of the Cargo/transporter facility or new owner, all veterinary care or                         miscellaneous costs and its associated or unassociated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the buyer.
​    Under no circumstances shall SuwediRidgebacks/Yvonne Smith be liable to the Buyer or to any third party
     for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in any manner related to the dog once the                shipping company/person/new owner takes possession of your puppy.

     If a puppy/dog is to be returned, it is the expense of the new owner/buyer.


  Deposits are considered the buyers guarantee and are not refundable.  Deposits are transferable to a 
  future litter. You may also change your puppy selection at any time as long as the pup is available.    


   All pups are sold without breeding rights.  Occasional show prospects made available .  Please apply by
   telephone call is preferred.  Looking for guardian homes for showmanship AKC and FFA

  This pup is healthy upon leaving my care.  We have taken steps to assure your/our
  pups health. The pups are regularly wormed, vaccinated, bathed, photographed, held, fed, played with and loved.
​  Please be sure to make your first well visit asap.  This will help your DVM to identify any concerns and get 
  your pet onto an appropriate health schedule for your region.  Please sign below stating that we are in 
  agreement to the above laid out topics.


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