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Please visit the nutrition page to learn how to order your healthy start pack from DR. Jane DVM  & our favorite vitamin from NuVet. 
 Dr. Jane does not sell her products from a retailer .. she refuses to put preservatives in her pet products that are harmful to health.
I do not stock these products.  You must order direct.

Please call me for your questions!!!
It is my heart that you have.  I want you both happy. 

If your baby is crying there is probably something wrong.  Either you have unknowingly fostered some behavior or you have a brand new baby that is somehow uncomfortable.

  If your baby is crying,  check to see that he/she is warm.  If they are not on the bed under the covers with you they are probably cold

 There are places to buy a heat mat 
               3' X 5' and bigger!!
      Ridgebacks get cold easy !!
Their regular body temperature is 101

  If your baby is crying check to see the last time they had a walk.  Sometimes a little diversion and expended energy
 is the answer.

 Basic comforts must be maintained
AND , you must also discover your new role as confident/calm pack leader.

​                       GET
     "Mastering Leadership
              by Cesar  Milan
    This series is a college education in a box!!!

 Getting the Mastering Leadership      series is a recipe for success from the  best . Rent and stream free from your   library  & YouTube.  Buy them at         

I am dreaming and wishing to participate in
Pack Leadership courses with Cesar in California. 

 Dreaming of  learning to walk with my whole pack ....  We MUST all have education GOALS!!

 I am so pleased to be able to tell you about this series.  It changes everything!!  It makes training MAKE  SENSE and it is so easy.


Please visit the nutrition page to learn what your puppy is eating.  There is a portal for you to click on to order your food and vitamins. You must use our code or go through our portal in order to activate your health guarantee.  We use the Large Breed Puppy.

Go to the nutrition page to order vitamins.
There is a portal there to click on.

The puppies are eating the powdered vitamins from NuVet.    Provide breeder code or use portal to activate your warranty.


At four weeks the pups begin eating solid food.

At five weeks we expand their living space.  The pups begin to play and poop!

At 6 weeks the pups begin to move away from the litter box to poop.

As the pups age they become more aware of their surroundings and den area...and poop farther and farther from the den.

When you come home with your new pup...You will create your own routine.

You will begin going outdoors to potty.
 We recommend 3 meals a day.  4 is even  better.  Here the pups eat 5 meals a day.

 Just pretend you have come home from the hospital with an what right :)   Plan on spending at least a couple of days adjusting to your new family member and the new responsibilities.  Lucky for you there is an instruction manual!  See above training material recommendations. 

So as you can see, much like a human...the pup is always growing and changing.  The one constant is eating and pooping.
 The ridgeback learns very very quickly. Use the above training material to build your language/communication.  
It is imperative the whole family be on board togethor with training.  It is very confusing to your infant when there is NO consistancy.   


...send me your questions and i will post your answers!!


When manufacturers add low-quality ingredients imported from places without adequate safety oversight, and low-cost ingredients that are often shipped and stored without refrigeration - it makes it easy for these ingredients to become rancid. Rancid fats destroy the nutritive value of the proteins and vitamins in food so much, your dog can suffer from deficiencies even though he is eating well. What's worse, these rancid fats can cause diarrhea, liver problems, arthritis, heart problems and even cancer! Don't risk your dog's health.

These two played together so sweet !
A gentle baby giant and his baby human.


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