HOPE ..flies often with her family !
                  MEET HOPE 
A very important family member
​Hi Yvonne, 

We can send much better pics of Hope for your website. While we don’t have social media such as Yelp, we are happy to share a testimonial narrative to tell others about Hope and the skills and temperament that she brings to service. 

Hope has been working and/or training nearly 6-8 hours a day several days a week since she was a young puppy three years ago. While it is not optimal for such long days, it was necessary right from the start (she gets lots of breaks).

My wife has health issues which affect mobility and communication. Hope provides seizure detection and support during recovery and she performs flawlessly in all sorts of challenging environments: 
Doctor offices
Hospital ER 
Airports/commercial flights
Grocery stores
Hardware stores
Busy farmer market (with dozens of other dogs)
Busy stands/bleachers at soccer games with lots people 

She even performed very well when we had to stay in a hotel out of state for ten days due to traveling for a medical procedure. 

She loves to work and she loves her break time as well. She is the only ridgeback I have ever had (I have had seven) who fetches a ball as well as any retriever. This is her release time and she is so dedicated that we can play ball on a busy college campus. She focuses only on us. 

Other “not included in service dog skills” include rounding up loose hens in the gentlest manner. The hens don’t fear her. They have learned to sit down and wait for us to pick them up while Hope “holds” them in position. She is also a good babysitter for young chicks. 

Hope is very respectful and enthusiastic for trail riding with any of our horses whether on lead or off lead. The horses are very comfortable and friendly with her. She also loves and protects our two family cats. 

We are very pleased with the way that Hope has improved our lives. We are NOT professional dog trainers but we do know a thing or two about reading the animal and training animals in general. We have essentially emphasized what she does well and rewarded her natural behavior and instincts. When she puts on her working vest, it’s “go time” and nothing can distract her. 

She is also a little spoiled but she earns it every day. 

Steve Pon
916-662-   call me for rest of phone number .